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8 thoughts on “Tenley’s Photos

  1. I was named after Tenley Albright. Funny, my maiden name was Tenley Phillips and I see there is another Tenley Phillips who has posted on this site.

    I grew up in New York City, but my sister’s godparents lived in Waban, Mass and brought me to meet Tenley Albright when I was a little girl. She gave me her autograph and I treasured it. Sadly, I was so proud of it that I brought it to school to show and tell and left it in my pocket when I got home. It went through the laundry and was ruined. I’m almost 50 and I can still feel that pain of losing such a treasure.

    When I was a bit older and wiser, I sat next to a man on my first day of classes in law school. He asked me my name and I told him, but I was quite used to people not remembering it or getting it wrong. The next he showed up to class and in his lovely voice he said, “Hi Tenley.” Needless to say, I married him. That was 25 years ago!!

    • Hi Tenley!
      What fantastic coincidences. I’m Tenley’s daughter, Elee, and I posted your comment under “Sharing the name Tenley” with some of the other messages. I hope we’ll see you and your husband at the party this summer. I have a suspicion we might be able to remedy the autograph situation…!

  2. We live in Boston and I named my first daughter Tenley Stephenson. I had just moved to the Boston area from California and had not heard of Tenley Albright. I loved the sound of the name Tenley– I thought I had made the name up. When my daughter was a young gymnast, about 10 years old, she had her picture in the Boston Globe with her name in the caption for winning a state championship. Tenley Albright saw it , found our phone number and called my Tenley to congratulate her! We all never forgot this act of kindness back in 1979. My Tenley Stephenson went to Harvard, is a lawyer and lives in Menlo Park, CA. She will be back east in July and hopefully, she will be here for the Tenley party!

  3. I grew up as a figure skater and was certain that I would name my first daughter, Tenley. My first daughter was born in 1998. I tried, unsuccessfully, to name her Tenley. I told my husband the story of Tenley Albright and what a wonderful chance to have such a strong name tied to our daughter. He has no idea what I was talking about, and we finally settled on my second choice, and equally beautiful, Olivia. I was four months pregnant when we sat high up in the stands during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, UT watching the warm-up for the Women’s Free Skating final. The jumbo-tron posed Olympic trivia questions. The question, “Who was the first US Women’s Olympic Figure Skating Champion?” I said “Tenley Albright.” Up on the screen popped her name in big white lights. My husband turned to me and said “If we have another girl, we should name her Tenley.” On July 20th, little Tenley Marie was born. She is sharp, witty, endearing and a competitive gymnast with lots of gusto. Her name fits her well and she is proud of it. Years ago my mom sent me a PSA article about Dr. Albright. I enjoyed reading more about her and Tenley has been inspired to keep going strong. Thanks for the continued inspiration!!!!!

  4. Wonderful to see these photos of the beautiful Tenley Albright! I am so proud to be named after her for 62yrs!!

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